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tv   Book Discussion on Takeover  CSPAN  April 27, 2014 4:04pm-4:46pm EDT

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>> i have not notice a difference in that respect. there is a variation between among traditional cites, and modern state level cites, my italian friends are more pe pessimisttic about the future of italy than my german friends. >> our last question, please. >> hi, thank you professor diamond. i am one those kids from west la who wouldn't survive. and secondly, what is the fate of traditional cites? is there a point that you see these traditional cites will seize to be traditional? to put it crudely in expiration date at which point they will be
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beset by diabetes and benefited by modern science and the like >> good question. is there an ex expiration date for societies. a friend of mine from new guinea said you should not talk about traditional cites but transitional cites because all so-called tradition cites are changing. -- societies -- they have all seen the airplanes ahead. and they have have been contacted. what their fate? my expectation is that they will retain selectively part of what is traditional. an example is japan. japan is a prime example of
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selective change. the japanese now compared to 200 years. they wear western clothes, and perform opera and play the violen but they still speak in chinese and i would expect the traditional societies will change but they will not disappear on the face of the planet. and i think that is a good place to end. >> please be careful in the shower and thank jarred diamond. [ applause ]
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[inaudible conversations] >> we will like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback. >> you are watching booktv. next, warlords, strongman governors, and the state in afghanista we have the "takeove the 100-year war for the soul of the gop and how conservatives can finally win it" and this program is just over 45 minutes. &% thank you for the tear foundation for this. the senator was my choice of president in 2008 and 2012. i know he was going to be president, just didn't know it was president of the heritage
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foundation. america is lucky to have jim as the president. jim has been the de facto. as that leader, jim has understood something most conservatives haven't understood and i think that is to our detriment and that is why i wrote "takeover: the 100-year war for the soul of the gop and how conservatives can finally win it" and i should say that i jokingly refer to myself as ooo 3. and that means i have been active at the national level of the conservative movement longer than any other minus two others. the first lady of the conservative movement is 00 and your 02 is edwards who is here.
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i have been at the front line of this movement for the long time and i have seen us take loss after loss. i wrote this because i think for the most part conservatives haven't understood they rin this battle. you will not win a battle, much less a war, if you don't know you are in a war. i think it is important for conservatives to understand the past. if you don't understand the past you will not know how to chart the future. we had as a movement in our political guns pointed at the wrong target. we have been focused on the democrats -- pelosi, harry reid, obama. and that has been a mistake. the real opponent of conservatives is inside the
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republican party. we are like the biblical jews who had to wander through the desert until those failed leaders fell. and we will not get to the new promise land until we new leaders. the republican voters don't like the republicans. they don't agree with them. the media and the big government republicans have done a good job of blaming the principle conservatives and tea party members for the losses but the opposite is true. the voters in 2006 and 2008 took the congress and whitehouse afrom the republicans having nothing to do with nancy pelosi, obama, and harry reid. it had everything to do with the failed, and in my opinion,
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corrupt, leadership of the republicans. people don't like them. there have been four big republican victories in my lifetime and that is a long time. but only four. and in those four the face of the opposition to the democrats was conservatives, limited government conservatives. 1980, 1984, and 1990 and 2010 under the leadership of the tea party. boehner, karl rove, bush -- none of them were to be seen. they see rand paul, tea party, marco rubio, they like that and gave the republicans their biggest victory in 75-80 years. okay? so if we want to win in the
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future we will have to make sure we keep advice in mind. and i get my advice my paraphrasing james carvill. in 1992 he said over and over is the economy stupid and i paraphrase that and say it is the primary stupid? is the primary stupid? we can see as conservatives this wave coming. it could be a wave of tsunami proportions that will drive the democrats out and if it brings in more establishment republicans we will have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime. it is the primaries and most states the filing deadline hasn hasn hasn't passed so there is opportunity for conservatives to file for office, congress, state office, lieutenant governor, city council, mayors and we just
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have to remember it is the primaries. in my opinion, it is entirely possible if we focus on taking back the republican party from the big government republicans, we can do that and by 2016 and in 2017 be governing america. this war started 102 years ago. a lot of people think it started with the tea party movement in 2010 or certainly by 1980 when reagan was elected. no. it started literally 102 years ago when teddy roosevelt failed to get the nomination for president and started the moose party and split the republican vote. allowing woodrow will wilson, a
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progressive democrat, to become president of the united states. sometimes they look like roosevelt, nixon, ford, bob dole, john mccain, or mitt r romney. today it is mitch mcconnell and many others. we are fighting that wing of the party. the voters reject them. and only when the face is a limited government do we score big victories. this weekend, as a matter of fact, republican leaders, cantor and mccarthy are meeting at the ritz carlton in florida meeting with the mainstreet partnership and the objective is to, in mitch mcconnell's words, to
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crush them everywhere and that means us conservatives. so they are meeting with an organization to crush the party. the big government republicans understand the problem and they understand that we are their opponents. we hear in the press about the conservatives have lost ground, they are reached their high water mark, they are on the down hill now and tea party isn't what it used to be. the mainstreet republicans see this as growth to the government. we are doing well but we have a good ways to go. i remember back in the '50s, who i got involved with politics, i was the harrison county young chairman. and the conservative movement was on a two legged stool.
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national defense and economic issues -- lower taxes, balanced budget, and less government. and we would get 40-47% of the vote very seldom 51%. only in the late '70s, under the leadership of reagan and others they reached out and brought social conservatives into the conservative movement and we had a three legged stool. we got 51-53 percent of the vote. we are not governing america but we are winning. we are winning but not governing america. there has been a fourth leg of the stool that has been added and that is the tea party. and sometimes people say isn't the tea party like the economic
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conservatives that believe in lower taxes, less government and balanced budget. yes, but there is a difference. and it is this. a few years ago i was a friday night keynote speaker for about 125 conservatives who gathered for a training session for the weekend. i went out and looked at my watch and say where you have gone. i have been waiting for you. i have been waiting 50 years for you people. but anyway, i met with 12-15 tea party leaders before the speech and afterwards 15-20. and i remember a woman from corpus christi, texas. she had a group of about 35 people and they had meetings and local politicians came and said
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they would like to come. she said i would love to have you come. but you don't talk. iowa you listen to us. i don't know many leaders that would talk to a republican leader like that. reagan with when he ran for president he had a good phrase. he ran against the establishment. the rockefeller ring, the ford ring and the nixon ring. he said we need leadership that is unfettered by old ties and old relationships. that is what the tea party is. i think if we welcome the tea party in with these other groups that reagan launched us on we have a strong and winning coalition out there.
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part of what i said there was kind of a criticism of the republican conservative leaders. and i think that too many conservative leaders, not those in this room, but too many of our friends became an arm or appendage of the republican party. they lost their independence and we need a lot of thing as conservative. more organizations, more money, more elected officials but the number one thing we need is new leadership and leadership that is unfettered to the republican party. along that line, i am a big advocate of something i call a third force. not a third party but a thursir force. the left has had enormous
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success with third force organizations. they have tens of thousands of them. think of all of the unions and race-based organizations. the anti-family, the environmental groups. if president obama called a meeting of all of the liberal environmental groups it would be hundreds maybe a thousand. whitehouse probably couldn't hold them all. if jim demint called a meeting of the conservative free market environmental groups there would be a handful there. on the left, they have the third force organizations, own funds, own membership and agenda and they pull everybody in that direction and you open up leadership positions for chairman, funding, president, speak opportunities, membership chairmans. the opportunities to bring in new leadership for our cause is m
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magnified. very few people are focused on politics and everything. there are many issues people are concerned and get them focused on those. remember, hilary clinton was a go-water girl in 1964. by the late '60s, she is a hard core leftist. she got involved in a single issue group, anti-vietnam war. and if people are not interested in joining your conservative organization, think about the top issues in your community you can get people involved and there are many opportunities to get people involved in something dealing with public policy other
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than just next election. i am very optimistic and i will talk about that. but we should not be under any illusion as to the challenge we have in front of us. the leadership of everything institution in america, save the military, is a raid against us. the views and values of big business, wall street, the unions, hollywood, media, non-profit organizations. it goes on and on. all of these institution the leaderhip is against us. if you have not read another book, after you buy and read by read "the ruling class" by angelo. we were with him this weekend for a conservative meeting.
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he has analyzed how the leaders of the democratic and republican party rigged the rules to advantage themselves and their friends. it is important to understand the magnitude of our problem and where we are need to go. the conservatives having just -- if you heard what i said it is easy to be discouraged. but we should not be. i am more optimistic than i have been in my life. for 50 years i have been involved in the conservative movement at the national level and people periodically ask me is it too late? can we turn it around at this late hour? and i have always had one answers whether it was the 1970's or '90s or now. and that was we can turn it
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around. providing one thing happens and that is if things get real bad, real quick. and we are there. the water is boiling thanks to obama and the american people are jumping out as fast as they can. i say to people once, twice three times a day. obama is going to do something to anger you and that happens to me, too. take 30 max 40 seconds, throw something get upset and then get down on your knees and thank god he is president of the united states because i know no other way to save america. we are going to have great victories because of the arrival of obama and the arrival of the tea party that brought new energy and leadership to our cause. be encouraged, conservatives.
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some of us here morton blackwell and others were there after 1964 defeat of gold water and nixon's resigning and jimmy carter's election in 1976. there was a darkness of biblical p proportion. it was tough. we didn't have jim demitt there and rand paul and mike lee and ted cruz and marco rubio and all of these wonderful governors. we didn't have scott walker or talk radio or cable television or the internet. we have so much going for us that we didn't have. we are close to prevailing conservatives. i think in 2016, the conservatives, if you remember, it is the primaries, stupid, it
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is the primaries. if we do that we can score victories in 2014 and in 2016 we can nominate a conservative person to be the nominee and lect them and be governoring america by 2017. so this is the cliff note of my book "takeover: the 100-year war for the soul of the gop and how conservatives can finally win it." read the book and understand the problem, where we are now, and how we go forward. we have a website called that is focused on building and relaunching the conservative movement. thank you very much and i appreciate being here today. [ applause ]
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>> we will recognize questions if you wait for the microphone. i see you subscribe to the stan evans score since he argued the 1964 primary and the '76 north carolina primaries were the too most important primaries. >> absolutely. very much so. it gives me an opportunity to say something i don't often get the chance. it is that we have sung heroes in the conservative movement. the reagans and thegoldwaters but we have unsung heroes as well. morton blackwell is one. we stand on his shoulders are on his debt.
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tom ellis is another one. he is a peer of jesse helms in north carolina. and in my opinion, tom ellis almost single-handedly elected three of the best senators jesse aims and john east and large fair cloth. tom is active, a lawyer in north carolina, and tom ellis and jesse helms literally told reagan and his team in 1976. reagan before getting to north carolina had lost four or five primaries. the florida, new hampshire, illinois primary and things were looking dark. and so he wants to come to north carolina and tom ellis and jesse says don't come in. we will take care of the campaign. however if you insist on coming in, you have to do four things
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and they told him you must attack ford, kissinger, the give away of the panama canal and dayton. he said i am okay with that. they leave north carolina that afternoon of the election flying to wisconsin and a friend on the plane, who shall be nameless, great conservative today, said they were writing reagan's wi withdrawl speech and he was going to consider withdrawing. but after getting to wisconsin they learned they won in north carolina. the next primary wasn't for five weeks and he could probably not have held that.
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and texas has a hundred countries and reagan carried a hundred counties and that is how he became president. >> and the other ironic aspect is goldwater in '64 and reagan in '76 lost but they also won. >> it isn't original with me. maybe george will said it but goldwater was the most, senator goldwater running in 1964 was the most consequential looser and barry goldwater won the 1964 election s election. it just took 16 years to count the balance. any other questions? morton? >> i am supposed to wait until y a microphone. >> if you don't raise your hand you will not get it. knowing you will have a statement. >> i am going to ask a question.
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but i am going to lay the groundwork. >> in 1980, when reagan showed up the nomination, george walker bush was the last surviving serious opponent to him and he sewed it up. if you define everybody that supported reagan at the time he sewed it up and you call them reaganit reaganites. since reagan, the republican party has nominated a number of other candidates for president of the united states. it happens that none of those nominees met the definition of
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reaganite that i give you. and here is the statement you knew was coming: i think it is time to nominate another reaganite. my question is who should that be? >> thank you, morton. well said. in this very building, dr. lee edwards some years ago had a panel discussion on one of his 20-plus books he has written. i remember frank shakespeare was in the audience. and he said all of the years we have had the conservative movement we have only thrown up one principal conservative and why haven't the republicans done a better job and no one had the
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answer. i didn't at that time. i am very encouraged, morton, going forward. since 1984, we have seldom had a major top tear conservative running for the republican nomination. we have had good conservatives, but many, if not most, were not top tier. in 2016, i think we will have a traffic jam of limited government constitutional conservatives running for president. without giving away who my favorite candidate is and i can be happy with many of them. what i do is market. and that is what i have done for 50 years. when you have a product or cause if you want to be successful, your product, opposite to competition, if we assume our competitor in 2016 is going to be a wash insider, hilary
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clinton. i don't think you want another washington person to run. i think the strongest candidate would be someone in the state. mike pence, scott walker, bobby jendel, rick scott in florida. we have many to chose from. and i think that would make the strongest ticket in 2016. now, probably shouldn't say this but i think it is important for us as conservatives to chart the future to understand this. back in the '60s, there was an element trying to take over the conservative movement and under the leadership of bill buckley we fended them off and they are known as libitarians today.
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they are back stronger than every. we don't agree on all of the issues, but i think it is important for conservatives to find common ground with them. and i think the governors in senate as well. i have seen a finer conservative run for major office. and the governor running in virginia this past november and a libitarian ran against him and got 7% of the vote. that is outrage. in order to have a strong united base, i think the conservatives would be advised to look and come back to washington and take
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a good look at rand paul. rand paul has a large following. the young people out there as well. if you bring a ticket like that it can be unbeatable. >> harry campo. >> good to see you. >> my question is you refer to a traffic jam on the conservatives. isn't that part of the problem? in affect the last three or four election cycles we have had 3-4 strong conservative candidates who split the vote on the right allowing the single, moderate establishment figure to prevail with 40% of the vote. >> remember it is the primary. >> you are exactly right. i am not sure that a lot of the
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conservatives who have run were top tier but we had good candidates there. that is a serious problem. the primaries, and morton knows a thousand percent more about this, but the early primaries, many are in the northeast and it is winner take all. with 30% you get all of the delegates. and down south it is proportionate for the most part. if you a conservative and you get 30% of the vote and divided other ways everybody else splits the vote so the moderate, a jeb bush and chris christie type could get a lot of votes down south and out west. it is a problem. and hopefully the conservatives will unite behind one candidate and avoid this problem we have had in the past. let me mention one thing here
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along that line. periodically people ask me saying richard why do you think that john mccain isn't a conservative or mitt romney isn't a conservative. i have developed a fool-proof test on whether you are conservative. it is this. i never saw ronald reagan in the late '60s and throughout the '70s except i saw the friends of the conservative movement around him. you saw reagan and said there is ed niece and morty anderson and it was natural when reagan was president on january 20th, 1981, conservatives moved into the whitehouse with him. not enough. but some of us met with a presidential candidate, i should not identify him here, in the past and he goes around the
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table and says morton, what is your issue and phyllis what is your issue and tony what is your and gary what is your and i'm toward the last and richard what is yours and he said with all due respect to my friends, they are all wrong. no one is talking about the most important issue. the most important issue is personal. we have learned that many years ago. personal is policy. and i explained that and said if you move into pennsylvania avenue and all that moves in with you are fortune 500 types, the issues are over. personal is policy. where somebody tells you they are conservative. who is around them? who do they walk with? some of these governors, mike lee, ted cruz, they walk with
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us. and some of the governors do the same. if you have not walked with the conservatives for the last 15-20 years you are not likely to surround yourself with conservatives. i have a company of 77 employees one of the president is here and mark comes into my office with four or five executives and said we studied this problem and i trust these people and i have confidence in their judgment and they suggest i do x i am highly likely. so personal is policy. >> another question? >> speaking of mark. >> richard, the tea party e emphas emphasis the constitution and you talk about rand paul, ted
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cruz and mike lee and they have the emphasis on the constitution in common. in distinguishing between the conservative movement and the establishment republican, what role do you think the constitution plays in the debate in 2014-2016 and how we can move america afford to reclaim the constitution essentially? >> i am hesitant to have talks about the constitution with mark, who is a world-class constitution scholar. but maybe there is no more important issue than the constitution. i don't think i said this but i meant to in my prepared remarks, the democratic party has come unhinged from the constitution. can you imagine a republican-democratic leaders of president analyzing this foreign
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bill. is this constitutional? is this tariff legislation pass constitutional muster? and it is highly unlikely that thought ever crosses their mind. and we all remember nancy pelosi's famous comment asking where in the constitution is obamacare allowed and permitted and she said are you kidding me? she had no interest in that. but mark, that is one of the things that launched the tea party. their faithfulness to the constitution. too many people in pom-pom politics have for gotten about it. we have seen and heard more about the constitution in the last five years than maybe the previous 50 years. it is healthy. i encourage all of you to semp emphasis the constitution and make sure the candidates you support and get involved with
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that they understand the constitution and they will be faithful to the constitution and our founding documents. and the marcus taught me a lot and he likes to stretch madison in the federalist paper 44 where madison talks about there is a remedy available to the people and that is called elections. so madison said that if we are heading up politicians who are not faithful for the constitution there is a remedy in the constitution and we can vote them out of office. let me make one additional comment, john, about what morton said earlier about bush 41. it reminded me that there were those reaganites like morton in '76 and through the late '70s and 1980 and in my opinion
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president reagan wasn't saint reagan, he did make mistakes, his first decision after the getting the republican nomi nne was the worst and that was selecting george bush as his running mate. bush campaigns and said i am a conservative and if i am elected and nominated i will govern as a conservative. 1984 republican convention and i am there with howard phillips, president chairman of the republican caucus and dan rather emails us and asks us about the vice president and we explained he is not a conservative for this reason, this reason and this reason. the next night dan rather has the vice president on and he said i had guest on and they
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said you are not a conservative for these reasons. what do you say, mr. vice president? are you a conservative? and he said yes, dan, i am a conservative but i am not a nut about it. he is sworn in at noon, january 20th, 1989. by sun down every reaganite in the regan administration that could be identified was fired. not in the coming days or weeks. that day in the first five hours they had politically executed him. if you supported reagan in the 1980 primary fight you were fired in the george h. bush administration. so remember who you walk with. personal is


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